Search Engine Optimization

Make your website your strongest asset, our expert SEO strategies will place you where your consumers can find you. Out perform your competitors as the authority in your market with top placement for all the hottest and highest converting search terms.

Our Process

Keyword Research

Keyword research is as much an art form as it is a science. We take the time to research the most searched for terms as well as the best buyer intent keywords in order to capture the search traffic that matters to your business. By basing our SEO strategy is around this keyword research we're able to make the maximum impact in the least amount of time.

Competitive Analysis

Knowledge of what your competitors are doing is an important component of a well thought out marketing strategy, that's why competitive analysis is a huge part of our online marketing strategies. We take a look at what your competition is doing on the web, what they're doing in print, what they're doing on the radio and analyze all the different advertising avenues in order to craft an effective strategy on your end to counter their efforts - as well as take the best pieces of whatever they're doing and make sure that you can out place them.

Page Optimization

On page optimization is the bread-and-butter of any foundational SEO strategy - not only will it help your webpages ranking to go higher, but the time and effort that goes into optimizing your pages shows adding to your user's experience. Status Marketing Group will help you make sure that you always have your best foot forward and that your website becomes your biggest selling tool where customers and clients will be able to find you when they need you - and know that you're what they're looking for.

Link Building

Link building is important process where targeted outreach to industry specific bloggers and companies is done, and high-quality content is created. Links are the way that Google knows that your content is authoritative and treats links as votes of confidence from other places on the web. High-quality link building is one of the single most important pieces of any SEO strategy. Done by an untrained company, poor link building can actually hurt your rankings! Done well, links result in more traffic, authority and business for your website and brand.


Schema is a way for Google and other search engines to know exactly what is on your webpage in a language that they can understand. All good modern SEO include schema, a process that allows you to instantly become more discoverable and does wonders for a variety of local search initiatives.

Content Development

Content development is one of the most important parts of your digital marketing. It is a great opportunity to share your brand, your vision and your services with the world and also provides an opportunity to build your audience by creating engaging content while staying pertinent and relevant. Status Marketing Group helps you develop content that carries your brand message forward and will stick around for years to come as useful, informative and discoverable to your viewers.

An intelligent website that drives conversions is a unparalleled asset to your business in this day and age. We focus our design around this concept and create stunning, immersive digital experiences that provide real results.

Our systems of lead capture are configured to filter out the junk leads and deliver you a plethora of qualified leads

We utilize intelligent design coupled with modern psychology to create a high yielding conversion process

We utilize intelligent design coupled with modern psychology to create a high yielding conversion process